• Fenixta H300 Turbo
  • Fenixta H300 Turbo heating
  • Fenixta H300 Turbo heating closeup

H300 Turbo bearing heater is designed to heat parts up to 300 kg. Sliding arms supports the workpiece while you are workin on turbo mode. Yoke slider helps you to heat workpieces vertically and horizontally. It is design makes it easy to carry with a pallet jack or forklift. 

Power:  12,4 kVA
Voltage: 380 – 420 V
Current: 31 A
Maximum part weight: 300 kg
Maximum part diameter: 610 mm
Minimum part diameter: 28 mm

  • Automatic Demagnetization

  • Character LCD Screen

  • Portability

  • Turbo Heating

  • Microprocessor 

  • 5 Stage Power Selection

  • High Quality 

  • Fair Price