Standard Features of Fenixta Induction Heaters

Turbo Heating

Save time with Turbo heating feature, a standard in all heater models.

Aluminium Body

The aluminium body gives the best protection to your device in case of accidents. Your heater is durable and recyclable.

Character LCD Screen

You can monitor the part temperature and left time on your LCD screen. In case of a failure, you will receive detailed information instead of  error codes.

Language Options

Fenixta Induction Heaters have 2 language options as a standard feature. Turkish and English the default languages. You can also request optional languages.

5 Stage Power Selection

You can switch between five power levels while heating your bearing. Decrease the power level while you are heating sensitive bearings or when you need more time for mounting preparations.

Temperature Hold Function

Use hold function to have more time for your mounting preparations. While holding, the screen will blink and a voice warning will help to avoid accidents.

Why induction heating?

Up to %18 of premature bearing failures are coused by impropper mounting methods. Using hammer for mounting bearing on to a shaft, will reduce bearing’s lifecycle. Best way to avoid applying brutal forces to bearing is to heat bearing before mounting. There are other heating methods, such as oil bath or heating in oven, but these methods have disadvantages compared to induction heating. Induction heating is the most efficient, safe and envoirement friendly  technique.

Fenixta H10 turbo rulman ısıtma cihazı kutu içeriği
Fenixta H10 turbo bearing heater

Up to 10 kg, portable heater!

Fenixta H125 turbo bearing heater

Medium size bearing heater for parts up to 125 kg!

Heavy duty induction heater for workpieces up to 600 kg!

Fenixta H1200 Turbo bearing heater

Extra large induction heater for workpieces up to 1200kg!

Fenixta H35 turbo bearing heater turbo heating

Heating capacity up to 35 kg!

For large workpieces; up to 300 kg!

Unique design for metal industry!

Fenixta Hp3030

Hotplate for heating several bearing at the same time!

MFH 20 Medium frequency induction heater

It is so easy to mount and dismount workpieces with medium frequency!

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